Overcoming Anxiety and Building Confidence Breakthrough Session

November 12, 2016 Robin Geddes 2 comments

What is social anxiety?

Anxiety is our bodies way of ringing a fire alarm for a fire that might happen, but never does.


Our anxious behaviour happens unconsciously, from our unconscious mind, this is why we feel like we never have any control over it.


The primary role of our unconscious mind is to look after us; to protect the body.


Why do we get anxious ?

Anxiety is something we learn to do, nobody is born anxious, you never see babies suffering from anxiety while learning to walk. What happens overtime as we grow up, is that we learn our anxious behaviour from our life experiences and environment. What happens is our unconscious mind gets confused and thinks it is protecting us from a perceived danger.


For example lots of people suffer from anxiety who do any form of public speaking, and it’s the unconscious mind’s way of protecting us from the perceived danger of what could go wrong, like forgetting or stumbling our words, or all of these people looking at me etc.


Then what happens is we give in to our anxiety, and we avoid the things that make us feel anxious. But then what can often happen is our anxiety starts to creep into other more basic areas of our daily lives, like social engagements, flying or even just going to the supermarket.


How can we overcome anxiety?

First we need to ask what we want instead of anxiety? And this is normally we want want to feel more relaxed and confident.


When I’m working with a client who suffers from anxiety, we look for an area in their life where they feel relaxed and confident, this can be something like a hobby or a sport, or even just out walking on the beach or spending time with family.


I then make changes in the unconscious mind to replace the anxious response with the more desired response of confidence and relaxation.


The changes I make happen quickly and easily.


If you suffer from anxiety, you are suffering needlessly.


Overcome your anxiety and book a session with me NOW.


Sessions can be carried out one to one, or via Skype or FaceTime.


For more information or if you would like to work or connect with me, please feel free to contact me via messenger or on any of the links below.


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