NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP gives greater insight into how we currently perceive and understand the world around us, based on the beliefs and values we have been conditioned to and grown up with over time. Sometimes instead of what we really want our underlying beliefs work against us e.g “I’m not good enough” this holds us back from what it is that we really want at a conscious level. The NLP techniques that I use are safe and enjoyable, and work at a deeper unconscious level, allowing you to stop your brain from running old unwanted patterns of behaviour, and instead allowing to run more empowering habits, beliefs and behaviors. NLP is a results based process, which has been proven to deliver results fast.


There are a lot of misconceptions about what people think hypnosis is and people often think about stage hypnotists making people apparently do things against their will. This can never happen. Hypnosis is really just an altered state of awareness where the brain enters into when it is receptive to suggestion. During a session you will always be in control and able to respond and stop at anytime you want, although this is unlikely as it is such a relaxing and enjoyable process.
When willpower is not working for us (stopping smoking. weight loss etc), hypnotherapy very often will. This is because the changes are made at a much deeper level of your mind, with your new desired behaviours becoming unconsciously automatic, instead of a continuing losing conscious battle.


Here - is a list of the many areas I can help using both NLP & Hypnosis.



Unwanted Limiting Beliefs and Behaviours.

Weight Loss and Weight Control.
Phobias and Fears - public speaking, people, driving, exams, interviews, performance nerves and flying, or generally anything you have a fear of.
Habits and Addictions - stop smoking, overeating and gambling, are all learned behaviours and can be unlearned easily with a clear commitment on your part.

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