How to Be More Confident – Less Anxious, Self Conscious and Insecure

September 15, 2017 Robin Geddes No comments exist

Do you want to feel more confident, and less anxious, self-conscious and insecure?

Firstly, If I was to write an instruction manual on how to feel anxious, self-conscious and insecure, it would go something like this:

• Step one – Consciously judge and compare yourself with everyone you know, meet or view through news and social media.

• Step two – now you are starting to feel inferior to many of the people, peers, social groups, celebs, role models etc. that you are judging and comparing yourself with, you feel you are not enough, you feel you are incomplete and insecure.

• Step three – now that you are feeling insecure your unconscious mind perceives this as dangerous and life threatening and triggers your Fight or Flight Response (watch my Fight or Flight video here) with unpleasant feelings of anxiety – usually felt in your stomach and/or chest.

To top all of this off they all start to feed off each other – you feel self-conscious because of your anxiety – you feel self-conscious because you feel insecure – you feel insecure because of the unpleasant anxious feelings. My clients often tell me this is like living in a vicious circle.

Living in this vicious circle can seem like it is never going to end. For anyone who can relate to this, you can start to believe there is something fundamentally wrong with you, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nobody is born this way, no babies are born anxious, self-conscious or insecure. It is all learned, a learned behaviour and it can all be unlearned very quickly, once you know how.

One of the quickest things you can do consciously right now, is accept yourself. Accept yourself for who you are right now, and that includes all of your flaws & imperfections – we all have them. Judge less, accept more.

That is not to say you accept everything without wanting to make any changes in your life. No, start from a place of acceptance and then start to work on the changes you want to make, whether that is exercising more, eating healthier, loosing weight, or working on your relationships with other people and the one you have with yourself. And you can do all of this without feeling anxious, self-conscious or insecure.

When you accept yourself whole heartedly, you no longer have anything to feel self-conscious and insecure about, and the feelings of anxiety no longer have something to feed from – there is then space for your confidence to grow.

I can help you overcome all of these feelings, and most often, quickly and easily. I work by making changes in your deeper unconscious mind, this is where all of our feelings and emotions are triggered from.

Why work with me?
Because I was once an anxious, self-conscious and insecure young man. And it is by using the same techniques that I use in my coaching sessions, that I’m now free from all these feelings and which has allowed my confidence to grow.

I know what it feels like to be anxious, self-conscious and insecure – if you are someone who suffers from this – you are suffering needlessly!

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