Here are a few testimonials I’ve received from clients. Although clients have agreed to include their feedback, in the interests of confidentiality I have not included their names.


“Having been low for many years suffering from anxiety, lack of confidence  and some anger issues, I decided it was time to seek some help and guidance as these issues were having an affect on my everyday life.
After suffering from feelings of anxiety in crowded places for years, after just one session of hypnotherapy with Robin the anxiety was gone!! I now no longer remember the feeling of anxiousness when in this situation.  After a few more sessions my confidence is soaring and feel I now have my voice back and can confidently put my opinion across in situation without feeling my throat closing up or feeling that it will not be listened to.
Having dealt with these issues it has helped with the anger within me and this has totally subsided.
I’m now looking forward to what my future has to bring and ready to embrace it.
I can’t thank Robin enough for all his help
I would highly recommend his professional services they are definitely something we can all benefit from.”


“I feel I have cleared all the cobwebs away after just 2 sessions with Robin. Prior to this I was in procrastination, too scared to step out of my comfort zone, limiting beliefs holding me back from moving forward. However, I feel ready to take on the world now and follow my dreams. I can’t thank Robin enough and can definitely recommend him to anyone for any issues they need help with.”


“For the vast majority of my adult life I have lived in a constant state of tension due to high risk, extreme and physically demanding operations and exercises within the UK military. I have suffered  interspersed periods of depression, extreme alcohol intake and many other forms escapism from my mental state at the time.

The majority of my tension over the years became what appeared to me as normal and a constant life style, only to be highlighted as abnormal during times of overwhelming emotional distress. I would cover paper over the cracks and carry on as “normal” living in a constant state of intensity which affected many areas of my life in ways I did not want, such as my thoughts and feelings towards people, situations and life in general.

After I left the military it was clear that all of my emotions and previous stress followed me into my new life and after a further traumatic event it became clear I was at a point of desperation as I had lost all control of my thoughts, feelings and my ability to remain calm and composed throughout situations which to the majority of people would be second nature.

I was really left in a state of shame, self doubt, anxiety and low on confidence.

Robin was very quick to identify some of my barriers and work with me. He reminded me of what really matters in life, such as the ability to love ourselves for who we are and to remain balanced and receptive within the present moment. His hypnotherapy and meditation sessions really helped to highlight the constant state of negative traffic within the mind which was my first step in being able to cut association with it’s unhelpful noise.

Robin’s coaching will put you in a position to reflect and work with yourself, sub consciously letting go of troubles and pains of your past, providing you with more constructive and realistic suggestions to aid you in the future or more importantly in each “present moment”.

I recommend Robin’s coaching unreservedly, we could all benefit from his techniques and life experience. “