Overcoming Anxiety Stress And An Overactive Mind – Audio Download

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This audio programme will help you overcome anxiety, stress and an overactive mind.

It uses many of the same techniques I use in a one-to-one coaching session.




This audio download can help you overcome anxiety & stress and calm an overactive mind.

It works by accessing your unconscious mind where our emotions and the fight or flight response are triggered from.

Using visualisation techniques – I take you on a journey to a beach of your imagination and release any unwanted emotions and visualise the future you want instead.

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3 reviews for Overcoming Anxiety Stress And An Overactive Mind – Audio Download

  1. Louise Burness

    Robin sent me his audio to try to help me switch off at the end of the day and cure some issues with insomnia. I was familiar with Robin’s treatments as I had a hynotherapy session with him last summer, for anxiety attacks after several bereavements in a row. This was a huge success and I’m happy to say I haven’t had a single attack since.
    The audio was very soothing and I quickly found myself in a deeply relaxed state. It was the first night I had slept right through in a long time. I have used the audio many times since, often feeling so relaxed that I fall asleep before the end. I would highly recommend Robin for both his relaxation audio and hypnotherapy. I plan to use his services again to remove my fear of flying and nicotine addiction.

  2. Lisa Brown

    This Audio is amazing. I’ve had a one to one session with Robin and he recommended the audio for me as well as audio meditation’s. It is so relaxing and the music is an added bonus. I feel great everyone time I use it. I like the fact that it’s there if I am feeling a little stressed, anxious or just over worrying. All I need to do is find a quiet space and in no time I’m utterly relaxed again. Can’t recommend this highly enough. Thanks Robin . I always felt my anxiety would be something I’d have to just deal with for the rest of my life but not now I am in control again and it feels great .

  3. Carrie Anderson

    Having had an stressful overactive mind at times I was looking for an alternative method to help deal with this..having got in contact with Robin he suggested I give this audio a try. I am so glad I did. It put me into a complete relaxed state,the music that is played in background is very calming. Whenever im having one of those days where I need to de-stress and relax I find a quiet place pop in my headphones and let this fantastic audio do its work. This audio also helped me to have a peaceful nights sleep having felt completely relaxed often falling asleep before the end. I have used this a few times now and everytime getting into a deeper state of relaxation. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from any of these issues. You will not be disappointed. Thankyou Robin. ☺

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